The IMU on your Mavic Pro 2 can fall out of sync at times when you’re using your quadcopter.
If you are having problems flying your Mavic, an IMU calibration may help you get back in the air.

DJI Support has put together this step by step guide to show you how to recalibrate your Mavic Pro 2’s IMU.

Before Calibrating the Mavic’s IMU

  1. Install the latest DJI GO app from the relevant app store.
  2. Ensure aircraft battery and remote are fully charged.
  3. Connect your Mavic’s remote control with your mobile device, which should also be fully charged.

How to Calibrate IMU on the Mavic Pro 2 Quadcopter

As long as you’ve put the prerequisites above in place, you’re ready to move ahead with the calibration.



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